That was the very nice and successful Tracking Dogs competition for our Labradors. The trials took place in Wejsuny (Poland) on 10th of October and was organized by Polish Hunting Associacion in Suwalki.

QUIRI (DAIQUIRI of The Duchy of Moose) received 92 points and 1st degree certificate and finally was placed as 3rd (of 17!!), NADIA (NADIA Molto Bene) – 7th (of 17) place with 76 points and 2nd degree certificate, GUCIO (DAXIM OF The Duchy of Moose) unfortunatelly recieved 57 points only and missed 3 points to recieve certificate.

NADIA by receiving the working trial certificate fulfilled all requirements to become International Beauty Champion (Interchampion C.I.B.)!