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Bialystok 2009: NADIA - CACIB, BOB i BOG3

Bialystok 2009: NADIA – CACIB, BOB i BOG3

At the 3rd International Dog Show (CACIB) that took place in Białystok (PL) on August, 29th, 2009, our kennel was represented only by NADIA that was shown in Champion class – bitches (3 entries). NADIA won the class with CAC and afterwards was chosen as Best Bitch with CACIB and Best of Breed (BOB)! At...
Shows in Lithuania

Shows in Lithuania

From three shows (2 x CACIB, 1 x Club) that was held in Druskiennikai in Lithuania on August, 7th-9th, 2009, GUCIO, that was shown in intermediate class – dogs, came back with 2 CACs and resCACIB and therefore he made a next big step to become Lithuanian Champion. NADIA in the Champion class with numerous...