Ufff… What a weekend!!!

That was a fantastic visit to Lithuania! At each of three shows that took place in Vilnius (2 x CACIB, 1 x Retriever Club) our labradors succeed with placings againg! At the Saturday’s CACIB “Baltic Winner” Show NADIA is winning Champion class with CAC and BOS! But the most important is that she recieves CACIB and the title “BALTIC WINNER 2008“ !!

Our QUIRI – 2nd winner junior class at the same show.

And it was as follow…:




FRIDAY, August, 1st, 2008: “VILNIUS SUMMER 2008″ (CACIB):

That was the first show of the weekend. QUIRI – excellent in the junior class, without placing (of 10). NADIA in the very demonding Champion class: excellent and 3rd winner.
Judge: Alenka Cerne (Slovenia)


SATURDAY, August, 2nd, 2008: “BALTIC WINNER 2008″ (CACIB):

Wow…!!! That was our day in Vilnius!!!

QUIRI started… In the junior class with excellent note, 2nd winner, wininng with all bitchces that were at the placings the day before. That was her fantastic success!!!

But afterwards there was…

…much better…

… NADIA is winning Champion class with CAC, and in the comparison with other classes winners is awarding BOS (Best of Opposite Sex) with CACIB and the title “BALTIC WINNER 2008“!!!
Judge: Mrs. Dianne Besoff from Australia (!!) – labradors breeder!!

The BALTIC WINNER title is given once a year to BOS at the CACIB show in one of the Baltic countries: Lihuania, Latvia and Estonia. The Baltic Winner Show was organized in Vilnius this year.

NADIA by recieving CAC makes her big step for Lithanian Champion completing (CAC at the CACIB show = 3 x CAC at national show) and by receiving CACIB makes first step for the INTERCHAMPION title!!!
SUNDAY, August, 3rd, 2008:  Lithuanian Retriever Club Show:

After those two very intensive days, enough energy had the young QUIRI only: 4th winner(of 12) in Junnior class and excellent note. There were 5 excellent notes in the class only. In the other classes there were even more notes “very good” and “good” and in some cases the judge did not decide to place the dogs.
And NADIA…, well… she decided to make a rest this day…: excellent and 5th winner… :-)
Judge: Mrs. Kirsi Luomanen (Finland), Tweedledum kennel.